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Smart Dashboard

Smart Dashboard is a platform for taking any kind of data from almost any system and turning it into actionable insights with speed and ease. We offer unparalleled support for our customers and their analytics investments to help people see and understand data. With built-in visual best practices, Smart Dashboard enables limitless visual data exploration without interrupting the flow of analysis.


  1. Customer-focused innovation
  2. The most intuitive user experience
  3. Powerful analytics for everyone regardless of their skill set
  4. An integrated platform that is easier to start and scale
  5. Interactive dashboards help you get actionable insights fast
  6. Helps to quickly build powerful calculations from existing data and review statistical summaries
  7. Skip the setup time and hardware cost for implementation of costly applications
  8. With our end-to-end web authoring capabilities, it is easy to add additional data sources or create fully interactive dashboards
  9. Customize views with robust web editing that allows user to drill down, highlight and filter your data
  10. Connect to any data anywhere from your browser
  11. Empower site admins to easily manage authentication and permissions for users, content, and data
  12. Effectively manage your data environment