Coconut ERP

  • Affordable Cloud-Based ERP solution available to customers on subscription (per user) or perpetual license model.
  • Multi-Tenancy - Multiple Companies hosted in the same environment.
  • Role-Based Access.
  • Complete Security
  • Ease of Access to Service.
  • Pin Board.
  • Notification Engine.
  • Email / SMS.
  • E-Invoice / E-Way Bill.

ERP Modules

You are managing a business in modern times and these times require you to stay updated with newer technologies. Managing your data on spreadsheets is time-consuming and the technology of older days.

That’s why we bring you the ERP software that promotes productivity and efficiency. Our experts take on the responsibility of handling your every need from manufacturing to implementing ERP software.

Our incredible team of developers ensures that you get the best ERP software development services. The innumerable benefits we provide you ensure a great working experience for you.

ERP Modules

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Inventory Management

Inventory management is crucial for every business. We at Coconut RAR provide you with an ERP Inventory Management service that makes it easy for you to track your orders, plan inventory replenishment, manage inventory costs, and other tasks.


There are hundreds or even more employees working in your business and all their information is dispersed. Well, no worries because with our custom ERP software development in Faridabad you can find all that dispersed information in one place. Providing you with error-free details of every employee working for you in no time.

Material Management

Coconut RAR provides you with custom ERP software development for your material management needs. Even a small wastage of inventory is still a loss for your company and this can be avoided with the assistance of an ERP system custom made specifically for your needs.

Job Work

Why do redundant tasks like data entry when you can do more thoughtful and important tasks at the same time? But, how? The answer is simply getting a custom ERP development in Faridabad, i.e., through Coconut RAR, and improving your working efficiency.

Production Planning

Effective production planning is important for many reasons like saving time, reducing cost, etc. Our ERP development company in India will help you in keeping a track of your materials and inventory, automatically placing an order when needed, and help you in creating and managing your production plan. 

CRM Billing

ERP Billing Software | Tax Invoice | ERP and CRM | Coconut ERP Software


CRM Billing

A business cannot reach great heights without developing a good customer relationship. And for that, you need a robust CRM system with automatic billing capabilities.

Customer: Create an effective customer relationship and generate leads and record purchase orders for your business. Improve your customers’ satisfaction through follow-up questions and other services.

Billing: Create all kinds of invoices and record payments received. When all your information is in one place you save your time, reduce costs and improve your working experience.

Reports: Generate all the reports you need with all the information you possess. Provides you reports of any lost sales and sales key performance indicators to measure your effectiveness and efficiency.


Employees of a business are its greatest assets and all their details thus need to be collected and recorded in one place. When you get a custom ERP software made from us you get assured of finding your employee’s various details managed according to your needs.

From preparing various reports to calculating salaries to tracking leaves and recording attendance, it reduces your dependency on human resources for repetitive and unimportant tasks.

Production Planning

We customize an ERP software development for all your needs. Production planning is an important step in improving the efficiency and productivity of your company.

Get an ERP software that provides you the reports of daily output production, production schedule summary, and detail. Also helps you to derive a detailed production schedule and machine maintenance schedule. All in all, it offers you a quick solution for every production-related task.


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Production Planning

ERP Software for Production Planning | Coconut ERP

ERP implementation cost differs from business to business and also depends upon the size and needs of the company. Variables included in the implementation costs are hardware upgrade, human resource costs, public or private cloud, tests to endure ERP stability, rollout options, etc.

ERP software can be used by all types of businesses irrespective of the size and industry they belong to. Though they have been mostly used in manufacturing, retails and logistics, these can be implemented for every industry and niche.

Among many benefits of the CRM system are reduction of operational costs, increase in the number of loyal customers, increased sales volume and revenue, improved customer satisfaction rate, etc.

Keeping your customers happy is a way to improve your business’ sales, revenue, and rating. A CRM system helps in improving customer relationships by updating their contact details, tracking every interaction with them, and managing customer accounts.

ERP for HR can be used for effectively managing job offers, recruitment, management, payroll, etc. It saves the team’s time and effort by automating administrative tasks and also speeds up internal processes.