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Case is defined in businesses as one of issues to be handled. With Caseio Enterprises can resolve complex issues and ensure that optimal solutions are put together. Organizations need to involve documentation and follow procedures to address complex issues. Caseio helps Organizations to effectively manage the workflow of the case as well maintain the relevant artifacts in one place.


  1. User Administration – Add and manage users to access the applications based on pre-defined permissions mapped with the user roles. Different set of access is granted based on the role. Roles are Admin, Manager, Supervisor and Analyst.
  2. Case Dimensions – Pre-configured dimensions i.e. Case Status, Dispositions, Category and Action Taken. These values can be configured/managed from user interface.
  3. Manual Case Creation – Users can create new cases based on some email, data, event or action.
  4. Role based Landing Page - Admin and Manager, Supervisor and Analyst
  5. Permissions – Refer the attached table for pre-define permissions by user role
  6. Working Case
    1. Case is assigned Automatically to the user who creates a case
    2. To Re-Assign a case, users have to select the user form the dropdown. If any user works on already assigned case that is assigned to a different user then that case will remain assigned to the same and unchanged until the case is re-assigned by selecting new user name manually.
    3. Audit trails maintain a trail of all edit and write activities. Read activities are not part of Audit trails
    4. Notes can be added in free form, copy paste. Users all allowed to add, edit and delete notes.
    5. Users are allowed to add notes to a closed case
  7. Case Escalation
    1. Cases can be escalated to upper hierarchy based on configurable algorithm .
  8. Tasks and Reminders
    • Tasks and Reminders can be setup by the users for themselves only. Reminder notifications are currently programmed to notify within the application.
  9. Reporting

      Following are the standard reports delivered with the Case Management solution and these reports can be viewed, extracted and PDF or CSV format.

    1. Case Status Report – No of cases Created, Closed, Under investigation
    2. Agent productivity Report – No of cases Created, Closed, Under investigation by Agent
    3. AHT Report – Average time taken to close a case.
    4. Case Ageing Report – No. of cases opened as of date. Ageing – Current Week, Last week, Last month, over 1 month
  10. Case Assignment – Supports both single and bulk assignment from the work list based on the user role
  11. Case Delete – Supported through the work list page based on the user role
  12. Case Re-open – Supported from the case view based on the role

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