Employees today do not just want better pay but more days at home, as well as time-offs, owing to the pandemic. This is to ensure productivity and reduce burnout due to workload. The burnout rate is likely to keep spiking which is one of the major reasons why employees are handing in their notices. This calls for talent acquisition specialists to make moves that can turn this around.

Hr strategies to help transform great resignation into great retention

What matters for retention – the wants of the employees and response of the organization So, if you are a talent acquisition personnel, you have to identify the strategies and capitalize on them.

  • Check the data

Data is always vital to understand the cause of the great resignation. Organizations might face a skillset gap when employees leave. So, it is crucial to calculate the retention rate of your business and ascertain what impacts the great resignation has on key business metrics.

  • Employee wants

Employers often neglect their employee’s wants and opinions before they call them back in the office. And this way, you do not build trust in the workplace.  And with the lack of awareness of employee wants, HR cannot create retention strategies considering their needs. Therefore, you need to understand that not considering employee needs will set up a tough and disappointing lesson at the organization.

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  • Hybrid working flexibility

Your employees will be happier with more flexibility. Therefore, organizations need to ensure that they supply benefits that are of concern to the prolonged well-being of the employees. Moreover, if remote working is off the plate for your organization, you should provide your employees with benefits and incentives to retain them.

  • Look after long-term retention policies

The pandemic has made employees want flexibility in the workplace. Therefore, HR professionals should not consider it as a temporary tactic. The HR practices should be modified to become people-centric – make the employees feel connected, positive and energized at the workplace. Lighten the workload, create flexibility and reduce stress for the best.

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