Benefits of ERP Development that Nobody will tell you.

  Industry 4.0 pushes for highly flexible mass production processes that can be rapidly adapted to market changes. To achieve this industry revolution concept, manufacturers need to have robust ERP system as backbone of the operations. Coconut ERP provides IoT based integration with smart machines, sensors, logistics systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES). Coconut ERP helps Manufacturers with flexible deployment options such as On-Cloud, On-Premise or the hybrid one. Coconut ERP allows manufacturers to adapt business opportunities in the inter-connected world, easily switch processes and adapt to new ways of working, to maintain business agility. Coconut ERP is highly customized and is based on a service-oriented architecture. It allows user to manage its master data at own. Coconut ERP provides real-time data processing, enabling all stakeholders in the business to have access to the latest, and most accurate data in real-time. This will help businesses in accurate business decision-making. With responsive UI design, Coconut ERP is compatible to all platforms. Coconut ERP is user-friendly ERP which can be accessed over tablets and smart phones. Coconut ERP has intuitive dashboards which suits all screen sizes. Coconut ERP is capable of integrating for social media platforms for closer interaction with business partners. Coconut ERP would help business leaders to take informed decisions with the help of intelligent KPIs and further pushing them to quickly align with customer demands. Coconut ERP is capable of integrating with MES systems to leverage the intelligent manufacturing.

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