5 Core things about Industry 4.0, that Nobody will tell you.

  In last decade, the span from mobile computing to cloud computing is developed a lot now ready to be used as commercially available, interconnected systems within manufacturing – this is Industry 4.0. It actually holds the key to access real-time analysis, results and data that will boost the industry into new height of accomplishments. Here we are explained about five sections that define Industry 4.0 at its core things. Each section is similar in nature but, when integrated to each other, it will create capability that has never possible earlier. Self-driving vehicles (SDVs) are a primary example of this technological evolution or Industry 4.0. Let’s understand 5 Core things about Industry 4.0 that nobody will tell you. 1. Big Data “Data” is the new fuel as per Industry 4.0. As per Forbes, Big Data is a collection of data from all the traditional and digital sources whether it is inside and outside from your company and more interestingly, that date should be represented with the best available Dashboards by continuous ongoing discovery and analysis. Today data is collected everywhere, from systems and API’s/ sensors to mobile devices or any tablet or laptop. The challenge is that the industry is still in the process of developing methods to capture and interpret data. It will be the advancement of Industry 4.0 that will change the way MSME and organization will work for same solutions. 2. Smart Manufacturing Unit The concept of Smart Manufacturing unit is the seamless connection of individual production steps, from planning stages to actuator in the field. In the future, all the machinery’s and equipments will be able to improve processes through self-optimization. Fully Automatic machines will be the next change in Industry 4.0 as their independent intelligence connects the factory together, allowing seamless manufacturing with fully controlled and monitored by organization management. 3. Cyber Physical Systems and Cyber Security Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) comprises interacting digital, analog, physical, and human components which can be controlled or monitored by computer-based algorithms. In Industry 4.0, Computers and Networks monitor and control all the physical processes with feedback loops; like the physical system reacts, the system uses software to interpret actions and tracks results. In addition this, Industry 4.0 will be more flourished in case all the data is being secured from any outsider or fraud or cyber attack by implementing cloud environment or more enhanced in house security solution. 4. Internet of Things (IoT) The internet of things is a simple term for a bigger concept. IoT provides the connection of all devices through internet with each other. Till 2019, 50b devices are already connected through internet already. Now IoT is bigger term when it is being used only in surveillance services. Due to IoT, the interconnection of all the components will enable “smart manufacturing units” to create more efficient output in planning, manufacturing, controlling and reporting. 5. Interoperability Interoperability is most important when we bring many elements together. When we connect cyber-physical systems, humans interface and smart factories communicating with each other through the IoT, interpretability is to be taken care at highest level. While doing so, team member of manufacturing organizations can effectively share information to each other with any error. To achieve this main core thing of Industry 4.0, organization should find a partner who can create perfect interoperability which enables error-free transmission and translation.

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