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Automated Test Bench

In a bid to further push industry 4.0 standards, RARR Technologies has come out with an integrated solution which can help manufacturers to shun the manual work and leverage this solution to automate 1their manual tasks to optimize the production timelines.
Geniee is an IoT based Automation Solution Framework which is based on Micro Controller, Sensors based IoT solution which can sense/read data from devices/machines or can control devices or machines based on any array of input from previous actions/machines. This can also be integrated with Coconut ERP for centralized control and display data in an intuitive Dashboard.

Geniee uses sensors and micro controller to capture the data points from machines/devices and relays over to cloud based databases in near real time manner.
Geniee is capable of working with almost all types of sensors available in market.
For Example, sensors can be there to read

    • Temperature
    • Current
    • Voltage
    • Pressure
    • Infra-red
    • Ultra Sonic
    • Magnetic Switch
    • Reading Current
    • Read