Database Design and Development

"The public is more familiar with bad Database Design than good Database Design".
Lets change the perception.

Customized ERP

A customized Industry 4.0 ready ERP with intelligent and Smart-age Dashboard facility
Ready to integrate with Manufacturing Execution Systems to leverage Smart machines

Datawarehousing Solutions

Enabling Industry to consolidate data from several sources with complete analytics and customized reports.

Mobile App Development

Offering mobile apps which created new standards and expectations for all digital enhancement including the Industry 4.0


Database Design & Development

We design Database as a detail data model by Experts which contains all logical and physical designs.
We do development of database to realize the database design and re-constructing as per the requirement to get right database to overcome software and hardware limitations.

Datawarehousing Solution

Provides modern Data-Warehouse for modern analytics and operations, integrate new platforms and strategies for modern Data-Warehousing and ensures qualifying cloud & hybrid environments solutions.

Web Development

If you're a small business or a large enterprise, websites are the initial touch-point for your customers. RARR Tech helps you to develop a website that is engaging and able to convert potential sales into closed transactions?

Mobile Application Development

As a leading Web & Mobile Application Development company we grow profoundly and creative mobile applications for various stages.

Process Automation

Our dedicated company and their forward-thinking team use BPM (business process management) practices to satisfy their customer requirements according to their desire.

Website Design & Development

When it comes to web design, remember that not all that glitters is gold. Know what truly makes a well-built site and you’ll soon find your website quickly on its way to attracting and retaining customers..


Coconut ERP

With Coconut ERP you get Industry 4.0 compatible ERP. Now you do have visibility of all of your plants and sites with single intelligent and smart age dashboard.

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Automated Test Bench

In a bid to further push industry 4.0 standards, RARR Technologies has come out with an integrated solution which can help manufacturers to shun the manual work..

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For a successful and self-sustaining implementation of Smart City Project just like any other project, it is all pervasive that few important criteria are met with.

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Case is defined in businesses as one of issues to be handled. With Caseio Enterprises can resolve complex issues and ensure that optimal solutions are put together.

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Understand how your customers experience your brand and products by measuring their emotional engagement and attention levels

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Smart Detect

A product for lending partners such as Banks, NBFCs & Financial Institutions that offers real time validation & summarization of bank statements provided.

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Smart Data Management (SDM) is a configuration based Generic Single Page Framework, which can render Data Dynamically irrespective of data types.

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RARR Technologies: Where matchless digitization comes at an affordable cost

Imagine a scenario where you can handle your orders and deliver the finished products from your manufacturing unit while being seated miles away at your home enjoying your cup of coffee.

Our Clients


We have been a happy customer of RARR for quite some years. Irrespective of projects assigned to them, RARR teams always demonstrated excellent technical approach in addressing complex business scenarios. They are hard working, committed and passionate about technology. We are definitely looking for more opportunities to work with them.

Narender Kumar, CEO, Venture

Our experiences working with RARR Technologies and particularly with Monika has been the best experiences we’ve ever had with comparison with other consultants.
I can confidently recommend their high quality and professional work. If you’re working with them, I can say for sure that you are in great safe hands.

Nitin Khedkar, CEO Vikat Teleservices

With one of the complex project coming to an end I would like to take this as an opportunity to convey our gratitude and feedback to RARR team.
RARR Technology as an integral part of Telstra’s from last 2 years roped in the required and desired database level skills along with complex algorithm development and delivery of remediation application. We acknowledge the great work and dedication demonstrated by you and your team.

Aditya Singh ANZ Pre Sales Head